Logan Neitzel

(photos by James Cale)

Logan Neitzel FW 2011 Presentation


v. to ponder moodily or anxiously; to hover enveloping, as of something threatening, dark, or menacing. to loom. n. the protected young, offspring.

Feburary 13th , 10 A.M  the Andaz  Hotel in New York City was the place to be.  Here I was greeted by the aroma of incense, and a still dark presence of models covered in Indian war paint. Models shown unique leather fringe neck pieces, leather paneled wool pants, dresses with accents of leather, and edgy accessories of fingerless rabbit fur. Silhouettes were created  in lambskin leather, rabbit fur, deer hide, pig skin and distressed denim. I was so thrilled with this presentation, and was even more excited when I got the chance to speak with Logan after the show. Logan’s collection for  Fall/ Winter was inspired by an Indian warhead he had saw, from there he begun to create, “Brood”. He expressed his upbringing in a small farm like town in Idaho were he became familiar with different animal hides. This molded to him, and is now present in his design aesthetics. I really connect with Logan’s designs because they are extremely innovative, and edgy. Logan creates from what’s inside, and separates himself from trends.  I look forward to Logans future presentations, for we can all agree that this one was a great success.


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