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blades of grass

(Photos by James Cale and Blondie)

( James Cale -The rise and fall t-shirt, Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglass, Hot Topic cuff, Levi Jeans, Old Navy flip flops)

(Blondie-Dior Sunglass, Forever 21 sweater, and deer t-shirt, Lulu’s aztec shorts, Tory Burch red bracelet, YSL Arty ring, Charlotte Russe bow wedge)


Lisa Hasselgren

Photography by Lisa Hasselgren

Plaza Kvinna #10

Some of the best editorials I have ever seen. Lisa Hasselgren’s photography is all kinds of edgy. I especially adore this editorial, the styling, hair & makeup, and photography are off the hook! I really wish I could pull of a teal/pink head…amazing.


Reed + Rader

Reed +  Rader


Reed +Rader is at the top of my list for unique photography+ editorial spreads. Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader strongly focus on out of the ordinary animated editorials . I was literally glued to their website for an hour. You must check out their website!


Blurred Vision

(Photos by myself and James Cale)

(James Cale wearing vintage leather jacket, and scarf)

(Blondie wearing Urban Outfitters ruffle pea coat, Express fringe skirt, YSL Arty ring, and Jessica Simpson Dany platform)


cranberry bog

(Blondie wearing.. moms vintage leather fur coat, forever 21 hair bow, shoes, and polka dot belt,wet seal ruffle top, urban outfitters skirt, target tights, YSL Arty ring, Asos gold claw ring, and owl bracelet.)

(James Cale wearing.. vintage gray scarf, H&M Jacket, Asos silver claw ring, American Eagle t-shirt, Gap 1969 Jean, Top shop boots, studded belt.)

Playing around in the cranberry bogs was a ton of fun! James Cale had a brilliant idea to shoot here at the bogs. Like always, he is right on with picking great locations.  Earlier I was looking through my closet, and I found this amazing lined, vintage, red leather coat! It has this exquisite fur detailing around the collar that actually matches the colors in my hair. I know brilliant right! I later found out it was my moms when she was young. The best part I get to keep it! Yay! I seriously have grown to adore all types of outerwear. I must say though vintage jackets could be my new addiction. James Cale was also obsessed with the jacket he was wearing. I got it for him for an early Christmas present. It is not everyday you find a menswear military inspired jacket that has a perfect European fit like this one.

Lastly, I can’t wait to show a DIY’s I’m working up this week. Also, I am even more excited to tell you all… that I am continuing on to my true dream of jewelry design. I am starting classes in the spring at FIT in NYC! I can’t wait!

Be sure to stop by James Cale’s line, DETO International, and get some hot t-shirts for the men for the holidays :)



Street Diaries

(Photos by James Cale & Blondie)

(Blondie wearing thrifted white fur coat, f21 black ring, lace heels, and cupcake t-shirt,gifted antique opal diamond ring, H&M skirt, YSL turquoise Arty ring, Charlotte Russe gray lace stockings)

(James Cale wearing Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglass, thrifted scarf, Target black tank, H&M Jacket, Urban Outfitters flannel, Gap 1969 Jeans, Top Shop Boots)

James Cale and I spent our Sunday in NYC. Our first stop was at YSL to purchase my Arty ring! I have been drooling over the Arty ring for a while now, so I was so thrilled when James bought it for me for my birthday. The chic & wonderful YSL employee “obviously gay”, jumped to help us. He insisted I try the green and silver Arty ring because it was , “Gothic & dangerous.”  James Cale of coarse replied to him that I am dangerous. Haha it was amazing..I’m really not.. it was just to awesome, and perfect to say. I ended up going with the gold turquoise ring:)

It was freezing but in my new fur jacket I recently purchased at a thrift shop in New Hope called Love Saves the Day. I was quite warm.

We continued to wonder to a random outdoor flea. James Cale, and I obsessed with anything out of the ordinary..I was immediately drawn to this odd pair of wooden legs with shoes on..kinda like a half of a manakin…loved it..

We than stopped to visit our friend “Mega,” he is the designer of the amazing clothing line Black Scale. If your in the city you must stop by their newest location. For more info check out James Cale’s blog, DETO INTERNATIONAL for his recent feature on Black Scale.

We ended our day with an amazing soy misto at Think Coffee.. really the most amazing one I have ever had!




LUV Magazine

Photos by Michael Brandt



Open Space

(Photos by myself + James Cale)

(Blondie wearing Hellz Bellz tshrt, F21 shorts+ cross necklace, Nasty Gal double turquoise cross ring, Henry Holland super suspender tights, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania+Lady Heart 2 heels)

(James Cale wearing RayBan Wayfarer Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters Plaid shirt, Gap 1969 Jeans, Thrifted  studded Belt+ Cuff)




(ph. by James Cale + me)

(me wearing f21 black blazer+Tank+rings, asos heart skirt, and vivienne westwood by melissa Lady dragon heart heels)

(James Cale wearing Tach t-shirt by DETO International)

At the Agenda tradeshow in Huntington Beach, networking a few weeks ago. This was my first time at Agenda, and won’t be my last. Ran into Mega from Black Scale, and Eric from Bloodbath, two amazing designers with killer designs!  Met a ton of inspiring/ talented people. James Cale and I love surrounding ourselves around people that share the same dreams and drive that we share. We sure did find that at agenda. I had a great time and can’t wait to attend the Japan show next year:)


(Ph. by James Cale)

(Random photography from California)

(landing LAX, beaches Newport+Venice, car rides, Chanel, inside wall art toki doki , edgy pin up photograph of me)

oh how I miss you California

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