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A touch of Brooklyn

(Ph. by James Cale)

(Urban Outfitters wool coat, Forever 21 cross necklace, tunic, and heels, ASOS belt, Spotted Moth studded carpenter bag, Wet Seal purple body con skirt, Target tights, Vintage ring, Gifted opal ring, and YSL Arty ring.)

The rest of my weekend was so much fun! James Cale and I stayed at our favorite place at the beach, and got up early to go to NYC. We decided to switch things up a bit and check out Williamsburg Brooklyn. Mishka was having a sample sale 50%-70% off! We stood in line for an hour and it was darn cold! Once inside bins and bins of tshrts, skirts, belts, jackets, and jeans greeted you. I almost got this high waisted jean buttoned mini skirt. .. But decided against it, for it was a tad small:/ We decided to hit up our next location Shag. This shop was so interesting! Shag offers vintage lingerie, jewelry, body lotions, oils, and artwork . The shop is aimed towards uniting sex and art, and all of the artwork is from local artists! So I definitely recommend stopping in for a unique shopping experience. Next, we headed to our vintage stop of the week Beacons Closet! This was my first time here, and I can tell you It won’t be my last! Beacons Closet is hugeee, and offers a gigantic variety of designer vintage clothing, and accessories for amazing prices! Just make sure you give yourself enough time to look around, because there are so many fantastic items! After that we landed at Oak NYC. This upscale fashion boutique has stunning accessories, magazines, and a great selection of high end clothing for men and the ladies:) Lastly, in the mood for some sushi, we decided to stop at 1 0r 8!  The sushi was very good, and the environment was ultra modern chic! This place is stunning, and they are open till 2 A.M on Friday and Saturday! I hope everyone had a great weekend, and I’m sure your just as excited as me for the holidays!



Irregular Choice

First stop in New York City this week is one of my favorite shoe stores in the universe. Irregular Choice is a shoe wonderland of the uniquest of unique. If the carousel in the middle of the store doesn’t catch your attention their shoes will! In addition to selling out of this world shoes, Irregular Choice also carries their own line of clothing and accessories. FYI their purses are amazingg.. The one I am holding is on my birthday list.. The over sized bow and kiddie charms completed my heart ! Also the sequin shoe with the impressive heel also stole my heart! Glitter + chunky heels look so spectacular together! Did I mention that not every shoe is made in every size.?  So when you purchase your Cinderella slipper it might just be you wearing it:) Make sure you stop by next time you are in the city I promise you will be happy you did!



Toy Tokyo

Welcome to my favorite toy store in NYC..Toy Tokyo

I freak when I see Kaws anything.  I really want the black companion with the organs showing! I just want to put him in my doorway so when people come in they are greeted by my organ showing companion:) James Cale being obsessed too.. I decided to buy the kaws companion key chain in black for him.  He lost the body:/ But happily found it a few months later! I wanted one so badly.. So he bought me the Kaws chum pink  key chain… but than I lost its head:/ So I sadly just have a chum body now… lol.. So even after we loose the body parts still are hugeee fans… and yes I want Pinocchio! Omg he is so adorable! Don’t you agree?

Kaws Companion

Pinocchio & Jimmy Cricket +Kaws companion + chum key chains

Undercover Bear x Kaws Companion + Kaws Warm Regards bars

Money cats

I’m a firm believer that every one needs a money cat in their house.

Especially a pink one:) I believe the pink will bring more luck..just cause it is pink!


Toy Tokyo also has an overly amazing Simpsons collection for sale.

I love the Homer doll. Only Homer can make those underwear cool.



Domos mouth is awesome. I always thought of him as a modern version of pac man..


I would own them all if I could!

Chanel Bearbrick

clearly amazing.. she can sit next to my companion doll

Me and gloomy bear



Outside the Flea.. Part One

(Ph. by James Cale)

(wearing Asos white tank, f21 floral skirt+ bracelets, Jonathan Ashton ripped tights, Aldo Eylenja ankle boots)

Since we will be moving to the west coast next year. James Cale and I decided to start taking even more frequent visits to NYC/ Brooklyn . We have discovered so many unique shopping spots over the years. James and I both have serious shopping issues and are huge children at heart. I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite spots I like to visit in NYC/ Brooklyn. There are many.. so I will post a new adventure every week. We begin our first journey outside the hipster hot spot, “The Brooklyn Flea.” The Brooklyn flea is an amazing place to find  repurposed furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles, antiques, as well as  jewelry, art and crafts by local artisans and designers. It is also overflowing with stylish people. It is such a cool feeling when you walk into a place and everyone is dressed just as stylish as you. We attended on a Sunday at Hanston St. where the flea is held indoors at the Williamsburg savings bank. You can also go on Saturdays where the flea is held outside at Fort Green. Stay tuned for exclusive coverage tomorrow as I go inside and share with you all my vintage finds!


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