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Domo Cookies umm super yum:) I love Domo and I love cookies. I think I just got hungry:)


Toy Tokyo

Welcome to my favorite toy store in NYC..Toy Tokyo

I freak when I see Kaws anything.  I really want the black companion with the organs showing! I just want to put him in my doorway so when people come in they are greeted by my organ showing companion:) James Cale being obsessed too.. I decided to buy the kaws companion key chain in black for him.  He lost the body:/ But happily found it a few months later! I wanted one so badly.. So he bought me the Kaws chum pink  key chain… but than I lost its head:/ So I sadly just have a chum body now… lol.. So even after we loose the body parts still are hugeee fans… and yes I want Pinocchio! Omg he is so adorable! Don’t you agree?

Kaws Companion

Pinocchio & Jimmy Cricket +Kaws companion + chum key chains

Undercover Bear x Kaws Companion + Kaws Warm Regards bars

Money cats

I’m a firm believer that every one needs a money cat in their house.

Especially a pink one:) I believe the pink will bring more luck..just cause it is pink!


Toy Tokyo also has an overly amazing Simpsons collection for sale.

I love the Homer doll. Only Homer can make those underwear cool.



Domos mouth is awesome. I always thought of him as a modern version of pac man..


I would own them all if I could!

Chanel Bearbrick

clearly amazing.. she can sit next to my companion doll

Me and gloomy bear



zombuki dolls

zombuki dolls

A child at heart, I still obsess over and collect. Zombuki dolls are my newest fascination. “Zombuki, made from the combined words “zombie” and “kabuki, are meant to be a hybrid of many styles & cultures.” These custom designed dolls designed by Brigitte Coovert are extremly unique, and unlike any other dolls in the world. Wow!..just look at the detail! I will be adding these dolls to my collection in the near future! Check out her website , shop, and blog :)

3 parts

3 Parts skull ring


Japan.three separate pieces.skull head. finger.ring


Tokyo! Look!

(Reference Super Future)


Some of the styling/new arrivals from one of my favorite edgy Japanese stores called Candy. I am dying to see the fashion showcase by them tomorrow night at the Tokyo! Look! Event at Asia Society. The event starts at 6:30 and runs till 10:30. I hope to be there shooting some photography! So if you are in NYC, and love Japan like myself be sure to get tickets for this hot event!

panda yum

(Kabaya Saku Panda Chocolate Cookie)

creamy milk chocolate. adorable. panda head sandwich. cute. yummy.

a chocolate lover.

chocolate cheeseburger

(Bourbon Chocolate Every Burger)

(mini toasted sesame seed and chocolate flavored cheeseburger snacks)

For the love of Japan.

If you don’t know. I’m completely obsessed with anything and everything Japan. I’m a healthy eater but do have quite a sweet tooth. I also have a gigantic love for packaging. The Japanese are quite known for their adorable packaging. I”m craving these little chocolate cheeseburger cookies at the moment. Follow my blog once a week for a little taste of Japan.

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