Ayaka Nishi

I was thrilled last weekend when I was invited to the studio of designer Ayaka Nishi. It was such a wonderful experience to meet her and see all the hard work and time she puts into every piece of jewelry that she creates in her NYC studio.  The beautiful Japanese designer Ayaka explained to me that she is very inspired by nature. Her strong vision really grabbed my attention. The designer also expressed how she uses fossils & other natural materials to create her unique works of art. She Previously studied jewelry design in Japan & also graduated from F.I.T. Ayaka brings much talent and has an extrondanry creative mind. Her current collection features jewelry cast from bone, honey comb, spiderwebs, coral, fish scales, anmonite, and feathers.

Be sure to check out her website here, I promise you will be so happy you did!

Below are some pictures we shot at Ayaka Nishi’s New York City studio

(Studio Photos by James Cale)

Necklace from Honeycomb collection

Bracelets from Bone collection + Honeycomb collection

Earrings from Spider collection, Honey Comb collection, and Bone collection

Rings from Honeycomb Collection+ Sea Urchin collection

Part of a bone bracelet in the works for her Bone collection

Fossils, bones, and other materials the designer uses

Myself + Ayaka Nishi

Below are some of my favorite images  from Ayaka Nishi’s Look Book

(Look Book photos by Tal Shpantzer)


Ayaka Nishi video clip

This video was so well done it gave me chills!

Video by Stephen Dirkes



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